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Clawpike says

Thanks for the code, George ;)

Here’s my modified version:

If you’ve noticed when you first load the preview, the styles are loaded nicely and the user can switch between theme styles. However if the user selects a different theme, I’m not able to load the php array list of the selected theme via js.

What I’ve done for the styles is add it as part of the array of the theme list – that kinda makes it hard for me to pull the list using javascript, obviously due to my limited knowledge in php/js. At the moment am just setting the styles list of the selected theme to blank to avoid the previous list from being visible.

I’d appreciate some help from any one on how to load the list of styles from the php array to the javascript on click event.

Here’s my PHP array code:

Here’s my js click event for the theme switcher: many thanks, Joel

Just found this thread and have to say -> thanks!!!!! Was looking for something like this for days :(

Arrowthemes (Joel) – your bar looks awesome. Any chance you could wrap it up complete for download?