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hasanoben says

Okay.. I got rejected on my theme too but mine wasn’t that nice anyways
so it didn’t hurt but your theme seems nice..
So.. Here are my simple advices…

1) Change the arrows on color customizer.. I think they look so amateur.
2) Change your Site Name font-size I think its too big.
3) About the menu.. you can add some effects (like :hover on CSS ).. It’s too simple..
4) Idk what do you have on admin side for slider but its going too fast broo..
5) Change the color of search module ( and maybe make it ajax search )
6) Make headline font more interesting. And make the bg better its too simple…
7) About the home stories… You can put them into a nice box.. And change the image links ..
noone’s gonna try to see the bigger image they’re gonna want to read more on that story…

Well.. I hope those will solve ur problem.. :/