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I have just signed up as an author. While reviewing all of the training material, I noticed that this page ( ) mentioned ‘There are four options available…’, but there are only 3 in the list.

We’ve made some minor changes to our membership terms and conditions that we want you to know about. Our terms were written when Envato first started, which is why it was time to give them a spring clean. They needed some love and attention so that they continue to reflect how the Marketplaces work. The changes aren’t big and we’ve included all the adjustments you need to know about below. However, if you like, we encourage you to read over the terms yourself, just to refresh how they relate to you.

Changes we’ve made:

  • 1 – We have made the language a bit clearer in parts, for example when we talk about paying out money to sellers (authors) in clause 13, we’ve made it more clear what happens to sums under $50, over $50 and over $500.

    2 – We have tweaked a few references to bring the descriptions in the terms closer to what really happens on the site. For example, previously we talked about an “application” to become a member, that’s been changed to “signing up” and “creating an account”. We have removed the reference to passing a test as a requirement of becoming a seller on the marketplaces. We have confirmed that fair play applies in regard to referrals.

    3 – We have clarified what you need to send to us when you want to make a claim about unauthorised use of a trademark.

    4 – We have rewritten section (13) about what happens when you make a payment into your membership ledger so that you can buy products. We have also given a more detailed explanation about what happens when Envato makes payments into your membership ledger and how we pay your earnings to you. These changes were made so that section (13) is easier to understand and does not change the existing process.

    5 – We have added some more guidance about refunds that addresses common questions and situations.

    6 – We have added a new section (15A) which is about making special arrangements for sellers.

    7 – We have included our long standing policy that states that sellers can’t buy their own products in section (14).

If there is anything that you would like clarification on, or find confusing, please ask your questions in this thread. We will make sure we get the right person to answer you. :)

*Your membership ledger records payments by you to Envato (as a Buyer) and payments made by Envato to you (as a Seller or in accordance with clause (18). For more clarification on this term check out section (12).