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Envato team

Hi all

As Collis mentioned in his post about the Marketplaces Roadmap, Sustainable Item Support is one of the 8 key themes we’re working on. We now have a team focussed on this. The key problems we’ll be tackling as part of this theme are making item support more economical for Authors, and providing buyers clarity on what support they are entitled to and how to get it. We’re working on this and you’ll hear more from us soon.

Currently, it is our understanding that many authors (eg. of WordPress theme categories) have support teams. These teams help authors answer buyers’ queries via comments or an external support system. At the moment, in order to allow their team to comment on their behalf, an author must share their profile and login details with another team member (often a paid staff member). Obviously it’s not ideal to share this kind of private information with other users, and may mean they are reluctant to get this help in the first place.

Author Teams

So, as a result of some great work by Emmanuel in our recent Hack Week which has since been built on, authors can now create an Author Team by giving other, trusted Marketplace users, permission to respond to their item comments.

How can an author create a team?

This is done through the Author Teams section of the My Settings tab in the Author’s account area. See below:

As you can see, the author can add and remove users from the team at any time, and the user being added/removed will receive an email notification when the change has been made.

What will the Author Team member see?

A user who is added to the Author’s Team is notified via email and will also be able to see each team they are a part of on the Author Teams tab. They also have the option to “Leave Team” if they want, shown adjacent to the team name they are part of.

How will an Author Team member response look in the comments?

When the Author Team member replies to a comment on one of the Author’s items, it shows which “Author Team” member has responded:

What about notifications?

On the Email Settings tab, if the Author has the Item comment notifications option selected, they will continue to receive notifications for any comments on their items including the responses from Author Team members. Notifications will also appear on the author’s comments dashboard.

There is a new option on the Email settings tab called “Team comment notifications”. When selected, this will notify a team member when a comment is made on an item that they are a team member for:

How should Authors manage the process of creating an Author Team?

We recommend that Authors are very selective about who they add to their Author Teams. This will be your team after all, so please suggest users you trust! At this initial stage, Authors will need to provide their own direction and rules on how to manage comments with their team members. Responses to buyer comments by Author Team members will be associated with the Author and the Author’s items. Authors should review comments periodically and have a relationship with Author Team members that is built on trust and a professional ‘support team’ relationship.

When will we this be launched?

We are aiming to launch this in the next few days and we will update this post when the new feature is live.

We know that other author team and collaboration features are still necessary to solve other problems, but we think this is a great first step for authors with support teams and we were keen to get this to you as soon as it was ready.

A big thanks to Emmanuel, Arman, Ben, Sam, Cath and Justin to get this to you as well as Authors Gt3Themes, PlusSquare and Astoundify who helped us out with the user research.

We hope you like it!

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Wow. This is awesome work guys, keep it up :D

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a good feature that solve a real problem. Looks like the era of changing fonts and tabs background color has ended. Now we back to fixing real problems.

Looks awesome :D bravo!

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Very nice feature and as doru said, function over form, finally!

Looking forward to the next stage, the real stage of AUTHOR teams, and that is collaborative items, split earnings etc. While having a support team is great, having a safe and trusting system in place for authors teaming up/splitting earnings is even more awesome.

Thanks for the hard work guys and looking forward to the evolution of this new feature!


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Wow. Great Features. Thanks Envato, keep it up :D

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Wow! This is great! Thank you very much guys!

Now we can have a real vacation :)

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Soo much better! Next easy partnership payments?

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Wow! Great feature improvement :)


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Very cool option !
Great move Enavato Team ! :)

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Fantastic, always wanted that feature :-)

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Most of all, enjoy your time here. Thank you for being a valued Envato community member.

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