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nijupilu says

Hello, I would like to know how to change the input date in European language in the Responsive Paradise Hotel on wordpress. I know it is in a php file but I don’t know which one. Could you please tell me the way please ? Same case to translate the day in French… I saw some info in the blog, but I don’t see the name of the php file… Thanks for your help. Nico

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Dzinc says

Hi Nico, welcome to ThemeForest, this is a general open forum. The appropriate support section for this item, if offered, can be found here.

Please follow the instructions provided in the link above to interact directly with the author, where he’ll be able to point you in the right direction.

In the meantime, this thread will also remain open, welcoming any/all feedback from the community, in case someone does have an accurate solution for you. Your patience is appreciated. Thanks and good luck.