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beetlesales says

I tried to be as creative as possible. I guess it’s not good enough…

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sunlifter says
Hi! Few things I’ve noticed: Pretty much similar to my mistakes :sarcasm:

Good luck!

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virtuti says

Hello, if clouds, sun and sky image is a background, give it position top center, or yet better, rework it to fit wide screens, currently large empty white piece on the right side looks embarrassing. Same about footer.

I do not know what are the exact requirements to landing pages, but yours one has no features. I am not sure it may go. Subscription form does not work, right? At least no notification that email has been sent is shown to user. I would make the form working.

Shadows are rough to my eye, cloud background would be better to work on more, make the illustration more professionally looking.

And… markup is in tables???

Wish you good luck!

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amandasmith86 says

virtuti is right you should utilize the blank space which is looking very embarrassing.