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Hello! I made 404 Error page for themeforest but it was rejected and reason is: “We’ve declined your submission due to its current level of design quality. However, we encourage you to continue improving your submission and try again.”

So, what do you suggest me to improve? I think reviewer is talking about background quality? But I`m not sure, maybe you see something i don`t see there.

It would be nice to hear something about this page.

link: http://404.tpauto.lv/online_preview/1.html

supernal :)

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The background image is a 4MB download – this is very large, and is noticeably slow – the background image should really be about a hundredth of the size. Changing it from a png to a jpg would be a good start.

Also, the page is not valid xhtml.

Hope this is some use,


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^^Agreed. I first thought that the background image was just missing but I realized it just loads veeeeeerry slow. Other than that, I think it looks great!

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I personally don’t like the backgrounds, too much noise and on a large screen, the edges don’t merge nicely with the background color.

Also, think about alignment : the orange icon, the text under it, the list and the search field are not aligned at all. Same for the vertical alignment, you have different line-heights, font sizes which make the overall design inconsistent.

As these pages are meant to be simple, what about bringing something more than the other 404 pages already here on TF ?

Practise more, glowing and noise effects should be subtle in my opinion, otherwise it can totally break a design.

Good luck :)