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Creatiflux says

Hi , I’m Trying To Upload an Item to the PP presentation templates session, but It seems that I can’t do that every time I include my “Preview Images set” , I tried uploading the item without the “prev img set” and it worked just fine , so now I’m sure about where the problem resides .
I Contacted the support 4 days ago but no response untill now .
does anyone have an idea about what to do in this case , the “prev img set ” is a must and I can’t send my file without it .
And thanks
Just in case here is some details about the images set:
total imges: 84
the compressed file size : 24mb

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hawkmax says

This is from the KB (Knowledge Base)

Preview Image Set (Optional) You can provide additional preview images. They must be JPGs no larger than 900x900px, and named in the order that you want them to appear using the following format: 01_preview1.jpg, 02_preview2.jpg, 03_closeup.jpg. Create a .zip folder containing your additional preview images.

This is from one of the posts at the forum

You have to name them in order also with numbers at the beginning of the name. they have to be 01_thenameyouwant.jpg , 02_thenameyouwant.jpg ecc… and they can be 700 px wide. ( sorry staff, but why not more?? ) if you name them 1_thenameyouwant.jpg they get rejected because there isn’t the “0” before. if you don’t write numbers they get rejected. If you do everything correct you still have a chance to get rejected (kidding) Good luck!! http://graphicriver.net/forums/thread/preview-image-set-help/37589

Hope this helps.