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I am an Envato author on AudioJungle, but I also buy things on PhotoDune and other marketplaces. I’ve just entered the term ‘coffee’ into the search box and it returned some 631 pages of results. I found what I was looking for on page 300-something.

The point is, I’m not sure if you have a “what we don’t want” list here on PhotoDune but I would strongly suggest that you don’t reject things just because there’s a lot of them already. It’s really cool to have that many similar photos and be able to choose the perfect one from among them.

That said, the search engine could use something like a ‘sort by: random’. It’s because there are many wonderful files sitting somewhere in the middle of the search results and this is a place not many clients are brave enough to venture to. ;)

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Envato team

Yes the search engine really needs some love. It’s one of the areas we’re looking a bringing some big improvements too :)

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Totally agree LockeRoberts, agency’s that reject based on “too many similars” aren’t doing themselves, or the contributor, any favours.

Glad to hear a buyer saying the same thing :)

And ditto to the search upgrade – ASAP PLEASE!