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felt_tips Volunteer moderator says

... selling more different kind of templates with fewer sales for each….

That in a nutshell is the problem. A quality template can take two weeks to make. Many of the good guys are fitting template design in between well paid freelance work anyway, so when you get a chance to make and publish something, it makes no sense to deliberately limit your potential sales to a specific audience (unless it’s a vast and well-known template audience, like weddings, for example.)

I’m not trying to call your ideas into question (and I also really appreciate that you’ve taken the trouble to lay them out so clearly in the forums – there are not enough buyers like you). No – my aim is to present the case from the authors point of view as well; to understand exactly what you think can sell the best, and ultimately to find the best middle way that can work best for authors and buyers alike.

If we can answer that question, it’ll be like gold dust!

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FXRiot says

For me personally it’s about making what I want to make.

I can’t see myself making a lawyer template without having a Chinese robot dragon with giant balls descend from space to attack a city. I’m so unprofessional. (But sometimes I think that’s what the world could use a little more of that)

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AndrejE says

@LBell Thank you LBell, for your elaborate feedback. We authors appreciate these kind of feedbacks and suggestions. This helps us to adapted and enhance our templates.