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vibhu000 says

Suppose I have two websites (site A and site B ). I have used theme A (purchased via themeforest, regular license) on my site A for 6 months. Now I have switched the theme of the site A to theme B (also purchased via themeforest, regular license). Now can I use theme A for my site B?

Thank you for reading this thread.

Regards, Vaibhav

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UBLThemes says

As far as i am aware I think its not allowed, because its a 1 domain per license and none transferable so it doesn’t matter if you have purchased 2 for 2 websites and then just swapped.

Flagged for official response but im pretty sure its not possible.

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codenegar says

I think you can, because you are using it at a single domain. You are not using it at two websites at the same time. It’s like you have lost your domain and got a new one.

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KingDog Staff says

You need a license for each single end project :) Thanks!