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JoshuaSprague Staff says

Hi everyone!

I’ve just added a new “Beautiful Wedding Photos” collection to the featured items area on the PhotoDune home page. With so many to choose from I wanted to open it up to you fine contributors to have your best Beautiful Wedding Photos added.

If you will send me a link (via my profile) to one or two of your best wedding related items then I will definitely add them to this collection.

  • Please don’t send more than 2 items
  • Don’t send me a link to your portfolio for me to choose
  • Please rate the collection

If you don’t already have wedding related items in your PhotoDune portfolio, now is a great time to start!

If you are interested in helping me promote this collection via Twitter or Facebook, you can hit the buttons below :)

\\ \\

Follow me on Twitter to be notified of future collection opportunities.

Happy new year! – Josh