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I found a designer that wants to work with me to make up some themes. I think he likes to design where as I prefer to code. From what I can see of his work, he is a better designer than I am. Anyway, we want to work together to sell themes. He designes them, I code them. Is it possible to set up an account with the both of us on it and listed so that both will be able to track sales and answer questions on designes?

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Envato team

Can I collaborate with another author to create and sell items?

Authors may unofficially partner with another author to create new items, but we advise strong caution when doing so. The Envato Marketplaces consider the person who created an account and agreed to the terms and conditions to be the sole copyright holder of the items for sale and the only person eligible to withdraw any funds. You are certainly free to partner with another author to create items for sale, but please keep the following important point in mind. The marketplaces enter into a legal agreement with the person that creates the account. For example, if the name John Doe is signed up, then John Doe is the sole individual the marketplaces have an agreement with, and this is the person who owns any earned funds in the account as far as the marketplaces is concerned. Only one person’s name can be used. You are more than welcome to come to a private agreement about the account and it’s earnings of your own accord, but we cannot get involved in any dispute or issue. We will only issue payment out to the account holder and their nominated payment details.

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If you feel that strongly and you work well together whats stopping you just setting up your own design agency?

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I’m actually modifying my envato stats script to accomodate multiple authors under a shared account.

Example: all our php items are assigned to me, all our design items are assigned to hayley. When pay day comes it will show a summary of how much all the php (my) items earnt and a summary of how much all the design (hayleys) items earnt.

Might be useful for some people

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Possibly a better route than sharing an account is finding a designer who can design the templates for a set price and sign an agreement that you are the sole copyright holder. Then you code them and sell them yourself. You would keep all the profits because you would take the risk of paying for the designs upfront with no guarantee of approval or future sales.

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  • Please read our community guidelines. Self promotion and discussion of piracy is not allowed.
  • Open a support ticket if you would like specific help with your account, deposits or purchases.
  • Item Support by authors is optional and may vary. Please see the Support tab on each item page.

Most of all, enjoy your time here. Thank you for being a valued Envato community member.

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