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biyified says

I created a file that loads sounds file using xml. The sound loads and plays on other browser like IE and safari but does not work on Mozilla. Pls help out .

check http://www.pobec-ng.com/newpobec/Templates/preview2/testplayer.html for the preview

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ourben says

I don’t know how you’ve managed it… but it’s because all your HTTP request are not resolving.

It’s just getting a load of 404 errors from your server.

EDIT : Ok, got it.

Your URLs feature back slashes.

<a href="http://www.pobec-ng.com/newpobec/Templates/preview2/songs%5C2.mp3">http://www.pobec-ng.com/newpobec/Templates/preview2/songs%5C2.mp3</a>
<a href="http://www.pobec-ng.com/newpobec/Templates/preview2/songs\2.mp3">http://www.pobec-ng.com/newpobec/Templates/preview2/songs\2.mp3</a>

You need to make these forward not back slashes.