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DzincStudio says

Hello everyone, I would like to get some feedback regarding a solution to LOW prices of Print Design Templates, such as Brochures, Magazines, etc…

The current Personal Licence, $4 – $9, allows anyone to buy an 8 Page Brochure and print as many copies as necessary.

Don´t get me wrong, but that makes the Extended Licence OBSOLETE !

I surely don´t want start talking about prices, that is a different subject for a later time, but for now I have a suggestion…

Regular Licence – Allowed to Print up to 5 copies.

Intermediate Licence – Allowed unlimited copies for 1 specific project

Extended Licence – Have fun!

The Intermediate License can be a reasonable price, which works out for both the buyers and authors´ sake.

PS. Anywhere in the world, any brochure is at least 2x the price of a business card. It is common practice and knowledge. Even if the card is made of gold and diamonds, the design itself it is still less than a brochure. Only here a see business cards and brochures have the same price! Unbelievable. Come on Envato, I´m not asking for magic, only what is right and fair.

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AnkaStudio says

you are absolutely right my dear mate. and absolutely agree with you. we are not talking about prices but a suggestion for now.

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stefusilviu says

I agree with you Dzinc.

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StenioArt says

Up :)