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koronz says

Hi There, I have several joomla templates which needs fonts with turkish chars. I’m not familiar with adding fonts so if anyone is interested into adding fonts to templates/websites please contact me. Thanks and Regards

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dnp_theme says

You can check your favorite font at Google Fonts and what’s to check is the charset, I think you need Latin Eastern European charset for Turkish.

Good luck.

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arrowthemes says

Hi Hamdi,

If you have existing fonts in the template that you’d like add turkish character support, you can do so as follows:

i) navigate to http://www.fontsquirrel.com/

ii) search for the font you’d like to add turkish characters support e.g. ‘open sans’

iii) click on the font (http://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/open-sans-condensed) and then click on the ’@font-face Kit’ link.

iv) on the ‘Choose a subset’ dropdown list select ‘Turkish’ then hit the ‘Download @font-face kit’ button.

v) Extract the package you’ve downloaded and replace the fonts in e.g templates\fontaine_j25\fonts\ with the ones from your download package.

In my example I will copy the following files:

  • - OpenSans-Light-webfont.eot
  • - OpenSans-Light-webfont.svg
  • - OpenSans-Light-webfont.ttf
  • - OpenSans-Light-webfont.woff

    I hope that helps.

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