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nsphere says

My company (Netsphere) recently purchased the Admin Theme “Terminator” to integrate with our current Wordpress site to give “admin” logins a level of customization that allows a unique and customized interface for admins of their own sub-domains.

When we purchased the theme and I unzipped the contents, I noticed all pages were static html pages and the installation instructions advised to turn off the php scripting engine. I thought this strange since the Wordpress CMS is dependent on php (and MySQL) to function correctly.

My question is two-fold; Is there a Wordpress specific “plug-in” available for this Terminator theme or if not, by what method can I tie the UI of this theme to our Wordpress site?

We love the U.I. and want this to work for our Wordpress site, but we are unclear if we obtained the correct package for this. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance. :)

Douglas K. NetSphere

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kentabg says

I want to use admin “Terminator” theme for my wordpress website.how i can do this ?

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ChapterThemes says

First you call it a theme, but it’s not a theme. It’s just a html template with admin styles and UI’s

Such templates are not meant to use as sort of a wordpress admin if you ask me. It’s for people who are building their own CMS or a module for inside a CMS or something.