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TopStudio says

Hello there,

I have already contacted the support on this matter but I would love to get some feedback from authors.

Do you know if there is any tracking code I can set up in my Code Canyon profile that would enable me to track conversions from an Adword campaign? Or maybe Envato already has a feature like that I missed in my profile.

Basically, if you set up and Adwords campaign for one of your item, how can you know if the user actually ends up buying the item? As we obvisouly don’t have access to the user’s buying confirmation page on Envato, how can we do to track the ROI of a campaing?

Any insight on this topic would be more than welcome.

Many thanks,


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purethemes says

From what I know, you just can’t do it.

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alcalbg says

I suppose conversion tracking is still impossible, but….

Maybe you could add conversion tracking code to your item’s html documentation and hope the buyer reads it?

Any thoughts?

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quickandeasy Volunteer moderator says

Maybe set up a different account username to track REFs from your campaign?

Of course, you’d need to make sure your campaign was going to earn more than $50 to make it worthwhile and withdraw-able