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v6coupe says

what very few people know is that almost all the effects of AE works in Premiere.
Copy all FX from AE plugin folder and paste them PP plugin folder.

Hello, I see these foolders in my AE Plug-In foler:

Effects, Extensions, Format, Keyframe, Optical Flares

Do I copy them all to my Premiere Pro Plug-In folder? I tried that but I still cannot import AE effects to my Premiere Pro CS5 .

Please help, thank you.

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flashato says

hello coupe,,
when i wrote the post I was using cs3, if I m not wrong it doesn’t work on CS5 + :(

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Hijo_De_La_Luna_69 says

from what I know, you can’t. I’m very good with Premiere, and would love to see them implemented as well.

Since you are good in premiere.. Do you know where can I find premiere projects…I need some Photo Slideshows for weddings. Thanx in advance Cesar

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Mocarg Moderator says

This is a very old thread and Daniel is not visiting this site that regularly so i don’t think he will answer… And we can’t tell you where to buy Project Files for Premiere because that is talking about competitor sites since it’s not allowed.

Locked for being old (2 years) and talking about competitor site.