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helmimokhtar says

Hi! My name helmi from Malaysia. i got an issue here. i can’t render using bg renderer for my project. How can i fix it. Here the erroe

BG Renderer v2.12 http://aescripts.com

RENDERING: High Tech OS V.2 (APC 2012) part 1.aep

Launching aerender… aerender version 10.0×458 aerender Error: After Effects error: Unable to call ?openFast? because of parame ter 1. Path is not valid. Path: C:\Users\Helmi\Videos\HIGH TECH OS V2\High Tech OS V.2 (APC 2012) part 1.aep

BG Renderer is done, have a nice day.

Press any key to close this window…

please help me

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GhosTeam says

Hi, I’ve never used BG-Renderer but I’ll take a long-shot:
Try renaming your file – delete the ”.” inside the name also the ()....maybe..just maybe.. :)