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preciouscoder says

Why we can not get from old user clicks?
Why first cash deposit or purchase price?
This is one reason for the increase community members number?

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ImanGM says


Envato is paying between 50%-70% to authors and 30% to referrals. If they pay for each sales, then they can’t earn anything :)


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lalaine says

So if I have a blog and feature some templates which I purchased and used to create for example a logo intro, which would include purchasing the videohive template as well as the audiojungle file that is used for the logo intro video. As an after effects instructor, if my students want to learn how to create their own logo intro from a videohive template how is the earnings calculated. For example a basic videohive logo sting is $12 + $6 for the audiojungle file

If I provide separate affiliate referral links to both items which will be a total of $18 they would spend, thus they need to fund their new envato account with $20. So do I earn 30% from 1. the initial deposit of $20? 2. the $12 videohive link? 3. the $6 audiojungle link? what would be my affiliate earnings just on this example?

Then if I provide links to other items after their initial purchases, will I earn again from the same student or students. Thanks any clarification is much appreciated.

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Smartik says

From affiliates you can earn 30% from the first deposit of the refered user. Here the word deposit is equal to purchase. So, I think is better to illustrate with some examples:

  • Ex. 1: If the user deposit 20$ and even if do not purchase anything, you still get 20$-70% = 6$
  • Ex. 2: If the user purchase an item directly, this will be the item price + 2$. Suppose the item costs 15$, then the user will pay 17$ and affiliate earning will be 5.1$.

Answer to your question. If the user purchase directly the videohive and audiojungle items, you’ll get the affiliate commision for the first purchase, only. That means if the first purchase is from audiojungle and the item costs 6$ you’ll get 1.8$ and nothing for the second purchase from videohive.

I hope it’s clear now.

Best regards, Andrei.