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billyf says

Here’s the ultimate question : What makes you think that a buyer would want to buy your theme and not someone else’s with the same layout / similar design? This is what you need to think of because when your item has met the minimum quality requirements, this might be another reason for rejection.

Back to topic, I must say that I have to agree with the reviewer. There’s still some elements need polishing, such as spacing and graphics.

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FinalDestiny says

Only for this I’d reject it: http://prntscr.com/pnltr

It looks horrible. The overall layout needs lots of improvements in my opinion, it won’t get accepted so easily. If it will, it won’t generate any good sales at all.

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PersianArt says

yes, and I think when start it, structure is similar but element has different design same as many theme in this layout, if my link for compare it with another did not removed, it could be good for Guidance.
thanks for your reply

im my all browser approximately it is look like this: http://prntscr.com/pntjk
if for this you say “horrible” but it is not part of theme, and if you say my theme is horrible, ok you are free to say your opinion and maybe this is right. I try for more Improvement.

but about sale, I see usually the themes that have minimum or average quality have a best sale and professional theme and pro author theme less. you are not agree with this?