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oneguy says

I am not sure this one falls into this category. I just bought a theme from an elite creator here. I tried asking him a very simple question – like how do you do that on your theme… I paid 50$ for it. The guy just gave me this answer after 5 days of waiting for his answer…

“Sorry this falls into the customization side of things and is out of my normal support scope. I’m currently booked up for the next 6+ months, however I can recommend my colleague….”

Also, just a few days ago I realized he released a new version of his theme and the answer he replied to other people who just bought his old version just a few days ago was that this is completely new theme and they should pay him 50$ again…

What would you do in that case?

Shouldn’t there be a contract that he must give support? or at least that if he was planning to upgrade his theme – he should have told so his customers so they can plan their money expenses?

This is really frustrating – I just wasted 50$ for a theme I cannot use….

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JMDDesigns says

Contact Envato Support directly, they most likely won’t see it in the Forums buddy. Sorry to hear the situation!

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contempoinc says

I provided support to you numerous times and explained the issue you were having with TimThumb and GoDaddy. I also explained that my support guy up and quit with no notice, and apologized for the inconvenience. I’ve since hired a new person to handle my support. I really don’t appreciate the harassing comments in the item threads or on the forums, I would hope we could resolve this in a better more professional manner, as I’ve done everything in my power to try and get your image problem resolved.

It seems that other people have the same issue with TimThumb not working properly on GoDaddy servers, but it can be resolved through their support, since I can’t make server changes:



You need to re-contact GoDaddy support and ask for a level 2 tech, they’ll know what to do and enable access for TimThumb to work properly.

In regards to the latest theme release it is a completely new theme, aesthetically and code wise. All my Real Estate theme versions although numbered chronologically are new themes and each are updated/maintained separately.

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WPExplorer says

Just as a heads up, support is not required. Authors go out of their way to provide support for their themes.

When you purchase a theme you really should have an understanding of how WordPress themes work and if you need any modifications know how to do so or hire a web developer to do it for you.

Theme support should be dedicated to reporting issues with the theme such as bugs, outdated code, css errors, browser issues…etc.

From the looks of it the author was trying to be nice and help you out. I suggest you have a look at this blog post:


best of luck with your project!

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iHelp says


I love this post, I will have to use it in my support jobs :)

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bigbankclub says

I agree that the Author goes out of his way. But how do other people who bought theme help others? Current situation, a seller on here was providing support has gone MIA, can’t even ask about the theme for pre-sale questions and others are stumped on the easy fixes. So guys like me wanna help PRO BONO – How do we help others who are stuck?

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Nitro_Themes says


I am sorry Oneguy but for 50 bucks there is no support not required. Most of the authors do help but if it’s an elite author he probably does not have time, specially to do things for free. I am sure there was a help manual with the template, read it , study it, it’s all in there.

This is pretty ridicules you stomping your foot for support. Learn the template read the help manual.

Think man would you work for free if everyone asked you one little thing to do, i bet you would not. No worries mate don’t get your titties in a knot try to figure things out on your own and you will see some how you will find the answer you were looking for by yourself.



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oneguy says

At the end I did solve the problem, but what made me angry was that there wasn’t a real motivation to solve or help in any way and just blaming the server wasn’t good enough for me… I code a lot and I have a really good knowledge of web and wordpress, but thus was a bug issue -

I’m sorry I said things harshly, usually this is not my way of speaking, but it came out of frustration.

I build many sites all day and buy many themes and plugins and support the community in that way. and usually I get a much better support or at least a motivation to help which in that case wasn’t really there…

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