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Any producers who do dubstep here? We all know that dubstep music arrangements always have the syncopated styled drum beats and the wobble bass. But what is in a dubstep arrangement really?

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I have only been messing with dubstep for a few months, but I have been a composer and producer for nearly 3 decades now. From what I can tell, dubstep seems to break rules and cross boundaries. I’ve heard pop dubstep tracks, rock dubstep tracks, trance dubstep tracks, and really all kinds of dubstep tracks. Each category seems to have it’s popular and well selling tracks. So to me, it looks like dubstep is really just comprised of the following:

1) Syncopated drums 2) Wobble bass – with speciallized programming as to make your track truly unique 3) Copius amounts of creativity

Happy dubstep making!

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It definitely should contains synth pads and as for me, I think basslines should be mixed with catchy lyrical melody. Modern dubstep is seeking to become harder, and basses become more rude and metallic. And in compare with 00’s grime and earlier dubstep – modern is really crazy and powerful

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When grime/dubstep first hit the scene in the Uk we used to get old reggae drum breaks and layer over the top with hard drum kicks/claps etc then remove the original reggae drum break.

For the bass take one midi note for example i would record just a c note via midi and record it over a full 16 bar drum section then take the long note and splice it up and put each splice on an individual bass vst. Thats how we used to have the complex sounding bass because the splices are triggering different vsts. Every now and then notch a splice up and down a few semitones or octave and add cutoffs fx etc.

People still do it this way but by using full riffs now for drops etc. Not sure if this is useful or whatever or i’m just chatting 0iopio32-# ! lol

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