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ttg_wombat says

I’m working on my first theme submission, and of course have run into a question on stock photo use.

On another thread a CMsaid it is acceptable to use Photodune/GraphcisRiver stock images in previews, but NOT to include them in the actual file downloads. (Item not being redistributed, no harm, no foul)

(“Don’t forget – we’ve launched PhotoDune – our own stock photo site. You can use photos bought under a regular license in your item previews, but they can’t be included in the downloadable zip. If you wish to include a photo from PhotoDune in your actual file download you would need an extended license.”)

With that in mind, is acceptable to just tell a potential buyer where they can go get their own copies?

“Images shown on the previews, including backgrounds, are not included in the template. If you like the images, you may purchase them individually:

1) Link 2) Link 3) Link

I’d especially want to do this for big anchor pieces like backgrounds. I don’t think things like happy pictures of smiling random people (“The Came-With-The-Frame-Family”) are very interesting.

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jonathan01 says

Yup, you answered your own question correctly – offer links if you wish but just don’t supply the images in the XML import or files supplied etc.