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pukander says


Been looking for someone coding and designing for silverstripe cms. Also looking for someone who want to be partner in future. This means I will pay well for a silverstripe theme and also, request future jobs/tasks that I will pay for.

Here you have a good chance of making some good money :)

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snaz3d says

Hello pukander,

I have developed and customized a few themes for SilverStripe in the past so I’d really like to know more about this opportunity.

Please drop me an e-mail via my profile page so we can discuss further!

Best Regards, Snaz

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ChunkStudio says

Hi pukander, I am based in New Zealand so have worked with Silverstripe a lot – Glad to hear your using it. One of the best systems out there IMHO – I have a lot of experience in building themes and creating modules etc. Get in touch if you need more info. Cheers AL.

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audemedia says

I have experience to building themes with Silverstripe too, and my agency is in SilverStripe Developer Network.

Contact me via my profile page if you need more info.

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titledk says

I wonder why nobody has done that so far. I’d be interested in collaborating and in converting some themes to SilverStripe. Check out my work: http://title.dk/work/. It’s all SilverStripe.