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Basspartout says

I vote Gareth as the most helpful forum user.

+3 :)

Everything is almost back to normal at the moment, somehow my WIN XP seems to have self healing powers, lol.
Unfortunately, most of all those helpful tips dont really have an effect on my system right now. I think it most likely because Kontakt 5 doesnt seem to like XP anymore, so I bought WIN7 yesterday and I’ll soon setup a new system…. sigh :stress:

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StudioEtude says

Everything is almost back to normal at the moment, somehow my WIN XP seems to have self healing powers, lol.
Hi! I working on Win XP /sp2 3G RAM and I have not problem with Kontakt 5, and frozen – do not use. Here four Kontakt players Simple, Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire
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frozensatellite says

I think it is also important to mention that if you have at least 8GB of RAM and a decent CPU , you willl still “hit the ceiling”. The ultimate bottleneck in the end is always the drive (in case you already have 8GB of RAM ). So therefore you should have a SSD drive going. Set the buffers very low, so you need less RAM and the fast SSD drive will be able to get the chunks into your sequencer.

It depends.

If you are using a lot of sampled instruments, then yes, this is correct. But if you are using a lot of synths and effects (which – apart from Omnisphere and Kontakt based synths – don’t take up much disk space) then having an SSD is a bit irrelevant. Your bottleneck will then be the CPU .

It’s very easy to overtax a CPU once you start loading up a few instances of Massive and some nice reverbs. Also, load up some funky Alchemy presets, and watch your CPU die :D

FWIW , Abbey Road Drummer should easily be able to run on a regular 7,200 RPM drive. Especially if it’s on a different drive to the system drive.

As far as SSD ’s go, actually best solution is to have MULTIPLE SSD ’s. Better to have multiple small ones (if you have enough SATA ports on your motherboard) then one big one. Of course, if you can afford 6×512 GB SSD ’s – then go for it!

Frozensatellite’s advice of setting the buffers low IF your samples are running off an SSD is excellent. If you want to do this in Kontakt, go to ‘Options’ – ‘Memory’ and then Override the instrument’s preload size to about 12.00 – 18.00 kb and watch your RAM usage drop dramatically.

When dealing with sampled instruments, it’s been proven that having multiple drives (and your instruments spread out over them) is far preferable. Otherwise, you’ll run into the bottlenecks mentioned above. One SATA port can only handle so much abuse! You have more SATA ports probably, so …. use them! It’s amazing how many computers I’ve seen that are not really being used to their maximum potential.

My computer is laid out as follows. My motherboard/case allows for 7 internal hard drives. I have 2 externals for backup.

C: – System drive/programs/plugins and NOTHING else (Intel 320 SSD ) 120 GB (ALWAYS 40-50% free)

E: – String samples (Crucial M4) – 256 GB

F: – Brass and woodwind samples (Crucial M4) 256 GB

G: – Choir and miscellaneous or ‘odd/quirky’ samples (Samsung 830) – 256 GB

H: – Percussion samples – (Samsung 830) – 256 GB

I: – ‘Power’ synths Omnisphere and Alchemy and Trillian, and other ‘synthy / sound design’ samples – (Crucial M4) 256 GB

K: – Audio / Video / WAV file drive – (Western Digital Black) – 1TB

M: (External eSATA or Firewire 800) Project Backups and Purchased Downloads (Glyph) – 2 TB

N: (External eSATA or Firewire 800) Game testing/debug. Completed projects. Fun stuff, etc… – 2 TB

I also have 1 TB of storage at box.net – which is where I keep anything that is finished. Great backup system which I just sync with my ‘M’ drive.

This is by no means, the ‘PERFECT’ setup, but if you’re doing big orchestral stuff, and you want it to get bigger and better, etc… you’ll need more disk space. The rule of thumb is to get more drives rather than one big one and spread things out :)

Thank you! Yes, I should have been more specific. I was mostly talking sample libraries more than softsynths.

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garethcoker Envato team says

Just got this message from NI – might be worth trying, will report back later.

A new free update is available for STUDIO DRUMMER and all ABBEY ROAD DRUMMERS products. This update brings a notable performance improvement to the Drummer framework

By thoroughly optimizing the scripting, an average improvement of 10-40% in CPU load was achieved without cutting back on quality or features. Of course, the exact value depends highly on your individual setup.

To install the update, please start the NI Service Center. Open the ‘Update’ tab, make sure the checkboxes for the drummer products you own are checked, and click the ‘Download’ button. When the download is finished, unzip the files and run the installer*.

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Basspartout says

Yeah, nice to see that NI actually took this issue serious. I installed the update, but havent had the time yet to try it out. Will report back later.

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Basspartout says

So, here I am finally on WIN7 64bit with a working system again.
After one week of doing almost nothing than installing and reinstalling I can report a huge – HUGE – difference in performance with the same system: AMD Phenom II X6 1045T with 4 GB Ram.
Now I can officially confirm: Forget about using Kontakt 5 with WIN XP .
Even after the recent update, Abby Road Modern Drummer was still impossible to use with XP.
Now I am working on a new song with 3 instances of Kontakt 5 Player open including one with Abby Road Modern Drummer White Kit lite, another with Alicias Keys Piano and a third with Strings and Upright Bass and the CPU load goes slightly beyond half.
Finally, I can work again and as it seems until now, you dont necessarily need the latest and most expensive coreI7 to get a DAW – in my case Studio One 2 Producer – running decently. I even got my very old Terratec EWX 24 /96 soundcard from 2001 running and it seems to work fine until now.
Cheers, Basspartout

PS: Native Instruments Knowledgebase WIN7 Tuning Tips

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