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4Mguy says

I know most authors have “live preview” drop down at the top of a preview for all of their own products to switch easily between, but is there a way to do it for different authors at the same time? Specifically, I want to “quick browse” through all of the “Landing Pages” in the Marketing section of themeforest. There’s about 344 and instead of going in and out individual items, it would be great if I could go through all of them sequentially and bookmark the ones I like.

If this doesn’t exist, maybe it an be a feature request for the awesome people at Envato?

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Playnethemes says

This doesn’t exist as far as I know :) So you’ll have to check each item individually! :)

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Dzinc says

Hi 4Mguy, unfortunately we don’t have such feature, but thank you for the feedback.

An alternative could be opening multiple tabs in your browser, by clicking the different Live Preview buttons while holding Ctrl (Windows and Linux) or (Mac).

This way, you can easily browse the items, while still being able to quickly compare them. It’s not the perfect solution, but can sometimes be extremely useful! Good luck.