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migraynstudios says

Hey there. I have a client who has files that do no mesh with Wordpress, but has a popular blog he wants to keep. I bought Blueleather WP and HTML files, and am still working on trying to get them to work. I am having major problems, so before I spend the HOURS troubleshooting, is there ANY other files on this site that offer BOTH the site template AND the Wordpress as well.

Even if they are separate files, no worries, I will buy them both.

And guys, this is NOT bashing the Blueleather designer. He has been helpful, just it was not the “one two done” as I was expecting, and need to hit a deadline.

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uDesignStudios says


you might be interested in our SilverBusiness themes (available as HTML and WP).

link here

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Eight7Teen says

This isn’t the exact same template, but it’s a very close match in style and color scheme and they’re both by the same author…

http://themeforest.net/item/themeshoppe-product-showcase-template/25718 http://themeforest.net/item/product-affiliator/34997