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bfintal says

Hi all,

My friend is a content writer and she’s currently writing articles for clients in an online marketplace. The payments are okay I guess (around $100 per week), but I feel like it should be more. Does anyone know of a good / better marketplace for writers other than oDesk? It doesn’t have to be just web content, she loves to write and can write about anything she gets her hand onto.

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kurtkhole says

If you really want to get ‘decent’ clients my suggestion would be to create a small wordpress site that features samples of your writing with your current rates. Then simply go where the marketers are (warriorforum, digital point, etc) and put a link in your forum signature linking back to your writing site.

Once you have done that, simply start leaving comments on posts that you either find interesting or that you can help with. You will be amazed how many clients you can find that way.

I would, however, not start out with really low prices. That is a quick qay to burn yourself out….there are entirely too many $3 per article writers out there to try and compete in that game.