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theWebGuy1987 says

I raised a support message via the help seciton regarding the API

My question was about the ability to return all web templates from themeforst, not just popular, latest etc

Also, more fields such as demo url etc

The reply was “Please note we don’t provide technical support here at Envato support”

So maybe someone who works here and does offer technical support can advise if this functionality of the API will be possible, if so, will it be in the very near future?


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CreatingDrew says

Hi wecanmedia,

I believe I handle your support ticket and I also noted that I don’t believe pulling all files from the API is currently possible. I do not believe this is planned for the future either but would have to wait to hear from the Dev team as regards to new feature inclusion.

In short, there is no real simple way to pull all files from the marketplace. :)