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xumio says

I want to add a Wordpress Blog to a content rich HTML portfolio template that I built (web design/photos/videos), but I was wondering if I really need to make the entire site Wordpress/CMS. Is that really necessary?

What percentage of Wordpress themes on ThemeForest are full CMS , and how many are just blogs added to an HTML site? The vast majority of Wordpress themes on ThemeForest don’t say “CMS” in the description. Is it just assumed that they are CMS for the entire site and not just the blog part?

Thanks! : )

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charlie4282 says

No you don’t need to make the entire site WP. You can just create a sub directory e.g “yoururl.com/blog” and put WP and the blog theme in there and then it will be separate. But you would still need to edit either the theme or your original site to make it look the same in terms of design.

In answer to your other question – 100% of WP themes are CMS because Wordpress as a platform is a CMS . Of course there will be select bits that require editing the CSS and HTML rather than changing it in the CMS but then that is the case with pretty much any website built on any CMS platform.

Hope that helps