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matusciac says
it’s just a temporary link to the images (hope it’s not forbidden because it’s nothing commercial) http://matusciac.com/box/envato/index.html this images were rejected for the following reason:

We’re not able to accept your submission as it is not currently appropriate for our marketplace audience. The submission is overly strong or may be offensive in one or more of the following areas: – Nudity (or sexuality) – Illegal or underage substance use – Language – Violence

seriously ? just searched some images on envato market and i’ve seen some really bad images in this section and mine are rejected for “to sexual”? it’s not like i’m selling porn, neither any sexual parts are showing… it’s just a good model that knows how to transmit sexuality and good lighting etc… I’m really disappointed on this rejection!!!

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IngeniousArtist says

This shouldn’t be rejected… There is no nudity or violence… Nor does the model look like a 10 year old :|

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silent47 says

Beautiful shoots with a beautiful women. i dont have any idea why these photos were rejected