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quickandeasy Volunteer moderator says

Evening folks!

I’m gearing up to set off backpacking in a couple of months, I have a rather small backpack (27litres) and it fits everything in that I will need.

However, I’ve just stumbled across these, the Arvik Field Packs: http://missionworkshop.com/products/arkiv-system-bags/R2-field-pack-overview.php

I love the way they are very easily extendable and how they are made for organising items like laptops and gadgets (things that are shoved in my pack).

The bag I have right now is rugged and highly durable, which is one thing I find fancy looking bags like this lack.

Does anyone have any experience with these backpacks and their durability?

Does anyone have any good reviews of small backpacks they’ve used for long periods of time?