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DarkstarDesigns says

been a bit of a hobby as dollars in English money is nothing, I would probably get a better price for dust. lol

Due to the dollar being worth little and pay in England being so high 1 hours freelance $70-90 that more that I have earned off envato in a whole month, so there is very little intensive to go full time or put more hours in.

Most of what I do is very custom so it would not work for multiple people, and the time invested would not be worth while, or i don’t want to sell for the prices on the market place as a custom graphic is very different from one designed to appeal to a large audience.

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WonderArt says

It’s not my business …. I love creative works … from childhood I am mad about drawing …. still now I feel like that .. love designing …. and yes, it’s also financing my pocket money ;)

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thebkh says

Money, friends and networking. Mostly money