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greensock says

@greensock – There are no lifetime licenses or any coming soon?

Absolutely! Permanent memberships have been available for quite a while (click the “permanent” link next to the subscribe buttons on the signup page at http://www.greensock.com/club/#corporate). That, of course, means you’d never have to worry about an expiration date and you’d get all updates and members-only bonus plugins/classes forever. The special license grants you permission to use pretty much any GreenSock tools in your commercial stuff, so it’s not just about tweening. For example, LoaderMax might save you a lot of time and hassle too.

I’ve tried to be very supportive of ActiveDen developers too, so feel free to contact me for a 20% discount on a corporate membership. info at greensock.com (make sure “club” or “tweening” is in the subject line).

Thanks for asking about that – you’re not the first to ask. I haven’t done a great job of making people aware that the permanent memberships are available.

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tsafi says

^I didn’t know about that, the $2,500 5 developer is alluring me, I just need to break the mantel barrier becoming a Gs lover :P .

Thanks for point this I’ll think about it .