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Hey Nettuts+ people, welcome to the Tuts+ forums :). Nettuts+ editor Jeffrey Way is ready and waiting for your questions. Ask anything (within the forum rules) and Jeffrey will pick and choose questions to answer.

We hope you enjoy this opportunity to get to know your favorite editor a little better!

About Jeffrey Way

I’m a simple person. I help out with an Envato marketplace, and edit a web development tutorial site, called Nettuts+. I also love to play guitar, and embarrass my wife-in-training, Allie, by playing Steel Dragon songs loudly with the windows rolled down in front of movie theaters. Trust me…it’s funny. (His personal website: http://jeffrey-way.com/ )

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Hey Jeff,

I’m a newbie web developer and a big fan of Nettuts. My question is will you be posting a tutorial on developing websites with HTML5 ?

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Hey Robert—

We already have bunches on Nettuts+. Refer here: http://codecanyon.net/item/statusboard/144659 http://net.tutsplus.com/?s=html5

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Who is the guy in the picture holding Jeffrey? :p

I work with a team of .NET developers and really enjoyed the .NET from Scratch series as it gave me the basic knowledge to know when they are talking crap! I’d like to see more .NET tutorials, maybe something on the difference between MVC and web forms…?

@Philmo – hehe – that’s my dog, “Trash”. The name is a long story, but he’s incredibly spoiled. And yep – the next episode of ASP .NET from Scratch is available to Facebook fans of nettutsplus. – Jeffrey

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You guys have already posted a lot of Tutorials covering almost all aspects of Web Design And Development.

When will you guys / Will you guys ever post a Tutorial on Custom Plugin Architecture Development *(similar to WordPress) for our Web Apps?

And also custom themeing architecture? (I have already seen one from Tuts+)

Hopefully, in March. -JW

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Dear Jeffrey Way and Nettuts team,

I am huge fan of Nettus and a premium member… I am kind of freelance webdesigner..I used to work as an Senior Application Developer then started to learn about web site design and make it as hobby….when i joined nettetuts i just felt that I garbbed a golden resources specially from you Jeffrey…. Your tutorials are so clear and get to the point with more details. I have learned so much from you in web design in a few months offcourse from other team members as well.

Well done and hope that will continue….

Thanks! ^JW

I gained quite strong foundation in web standards but need to grab more resources in graphics for web design i.e building a visual website in photoshop cs5 with those beautiful effects and template. Could you please advice me where to start to grab a strong foundation in photoshop for web designer to build a professional, clean, and sleek web template themes etc..? I have grabbed a lot from psdnettut as well but I am still thirsty!!! :-P

Thank you again for you valuable efforts.

Kind Regards Ahmad

Ahmad – I’d direct you to Webdesigntuts+ and Psdtuts+. :)

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I have been a Tuts+ subscriber for a while, picking and choosing my “benefits” as I need them. But everything I have gotten has made me glad that I subscribe.

Jeff -

I am going through the CodeIgniter series right now, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the straight-forward and easy to follow tutorials that you put together. I am very excited to start creating my first project using it.

My questions are: how long have you been working with CodeIgniter, and do you have any plans on doing more tutorials?

Thanks again for everything!


Not too long—a couple years or so. I’m not sure that we’ll continue the CI from Scratch series specifically, but we’ll certainly have more CI tuts on the site in the future. :) – Jeffrey

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What kind of stuff are you into nowadays? PHP /MySQL (if so, where are the PDO tuts?)? Vim? CSS3 ? The Biebster? Rails? Python? Ninjamonkeys?

Curious and too lazy to follow your blog or Twitter.

My primary focus lately is on JavaScript and CSS3 —as I’m writing a book on the subject. – Jeffrey

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Hey Jeff,

I would love if i could get your input on my thread:



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Hey Jeff, how and when did you discover your passion for web development ? Do you still remember your first few lines of code :o) ? Thanks for all your tutorials and effort. Same goes to the whole team. Thank you. Martin

I didn’t really get into front-end web dev until around college, believe it or not. I was originally studying to be a session musician (guitar), but started to realize how difficult it is to make a good living from music. And yes—I remember my first few websites. One was for this urn website…and it was so, so bad. :) – Jeffrey

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