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Creattive says

Hey KingDog, slow down your trigger finger, sometimes it is good to read what people are writing instead of paste a standard answer and locking up the thread to keep everyones mouth shut.

This is some bad behavious you guys show to your authors.

Now go ahead and lock this thread,

PS: In the official thread it states that all critical data has been restored, well it hasn’t. But I guess this last line will not be read anyway.

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An-Themes says

^ I’m with you, you are not alone! I’ve got 4 sales missing too = $93,69
From what I see they will update this thread: http://themeforest.net/forums/thread/site-outage-update/125118 .. :)

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MSFX Volunteer moderator says

Well if you read the thread it asked you to not start threads about it, open a ticket instead. That is the reason why it was locked and will be the same reason for why this one is locked.

If everyone started a thread could you imagine the chaos??