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unseenbattle Volunteer moderator says

Hello Maciej,

I’m another AJ member and was just reading through your interview. Cool stuff. I’m a computer programmer by trade and would like to be composing full time as well.

I noticed your comment (below) and could relate for a LONG time, but then I heard about this faderpro the art of the remix training that helped me overcome a bunch of learning curve concerning Logic Studio 8 and also helped me understand things like how to not lose the bass on small speakers. It might be helpful, so I thought I’d mention it.

Another one – Mystique – has an Oriental climate. I would really like to create more this kind of thing. The only problem is that I’ve noticed that it doesn’t sound good on small cheap headphones.

By the way, the trick for not losing the bass I learned from the training was basically to take the bass line and duplicate it and take out the low end using EQ and jack up the middle areas (I cannot remember the exact hertz areas that they mentioned (somewhere between 200 and 500) and then cut out all the highs as well and bring the volume down to mix in with the regular bass. I tried it out on a track I was working on where the sub bass was completely lost on my macbook pro and it worked great.

Hope that helps.

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NikiN Reviewer says

cheers for the tip, battle