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MDNW says

It might be just me, but I find myself wishing the “My Account” page actually showed threaded comments. It’d be a huge help to my own personal workflow because I could see who I’ve replied to and who I haven’t… As it is right now, whenever I answer anyone my own comment goes to the top without any nod to whether or not it’s a reply. IDK – thoughts? Anyone else feeling like the My Account comments-view could use a little changeup?

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Orbital_Themes says

+1, Author Dashboard needs some love from developers. Threaded comments view is a must, right now it only informs me if there are some new comments, but it’s really hard to keep everything under control. Also the theme name on the comment itself could be bit bigger / stand out a bit more. Sometimes when I have a comment streak under item A and suddenly one comment was filled under item B, I find myself replying as if it was item A :)

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kailoon Reviewer says

Then there might be a problem when someone replying to an older comment. You may not be able to find it easily.