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GX3000 says

How about allowing top respectable buyers to review files. I have found bugs in some of the best selling files since I’ve been here.

Two of them are the two top selling files from Vector Flower which of course he fixed in no time.

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CodingJack says

^ I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the review process. You could test a file for hours and still find a bug afterward.

But files need more ratings because currently with the low amount of ratings a file can get stung by an irrational customer.

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mbudm says

hey there,

I made a separate thread for the stock support/pro buyer idea that was a tangent on the first page of this thread – as I’m keen to see how that flies:



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quicky says

The star reviews seem a very weird system.

Someone purchased my item (name given) and gave me a 5 (which was very nice) then an anonomous user gave my items 1 star.

They do not seem worth it when people can could on and give whatever rating they want in stars (which seems to be deliberately marked down) without a good reson why.

A reason would help us improve items in future…

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KingDog Staff says

Very old thread :) Locking it down. Feel free to add to the many ratings threads already in progress.