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AndrVlad says

Ideal time to make … Clickable.


Best Regards, Andrey

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doru says

Staff not reacting to that request? Pretty, pretty, pretty please?
I don’t think staff needs to respond to every request made in the forums. But this is a thoughtful request so I’m sure someone will make note of it.

request already made many months ago but if you see all the people or not is probably just a gimmick

problem with those two list is that now they have nu purpose except showing the latest items published by authors in that grid box on front page.

The grid box that has another problem if you make the mistake to subscribe to a photodune author. Too bad since I like many of those authors.

No easy solutions except redesign a lot of functionality around here. And this brings me to a curiosity of mine, what happened with the usability interface expert that envato wanted to hire some time ago? Did he works in secret at a new version of the marketplace that will be launch sometime in the future? That will be great if true, and awesome if he decide to ask for some feedback from marketplace users on planned changes if those exist.