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VibeThemes says

Honestly, I find there are three kinds of ratings;

1. You helped me out on my support question, here’s a reward for that (these guys are awesome)

2. I’ll just rate anywhere between 1 & 5 stars randomly with no contact (Again, awesome, but definitely more of a wildcard)

3. Downvote brigade!

Now I only mention that for buyer type 1 to be honest, I think you can get a good rating much faster, with an item that buyers need a little help with, sounds crazy doesn’t it, but here’s my logic;

Other, my new HTML template, over 100 sales now, still no rating, and only had about 2 support questions for it, low support low ratings.

Kyte, a recent WordPress theme is a single pager, so I expected a little more support needs than a usual multi-pager, 16 sales in 3 ratings, 5 stars.

That’s just my little theory anyway :)

+1 it is a valid theory :)

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digitalimpact says

Speaking from a support point of view (since that’s what I do), I can say that providing the best support you can, will help with ratings, and here’s how:

What I always do after I solve a customer’s issue, is that I kindly ask them to take a moment and rate the product. Many people forget about ratings, some don’t even know they exist – this is your opportunity to remind them.

Point is, no matter how hard you work and how good you think you’re doing, it’s very important that you actually ask for feedback :)

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Bedros says

Support + Descriptive Help files (thinking like it is going to be read by a 5 year old kid) + fast response + be always kind