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MeigeeTeam says

Hi, guys. I was recently chosen as featured author and now you can see my face on the themeforest homepage :) Before that, a few month ago my theme was chosen as featured item, but I’m not waiting congratulations from you, I have a little problem with that:

Amount of my sales decreases when I get any awards.

Have you ever felt the same effect from your awards?

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pezflash says

Yes, i was featured author in ActiveDen many time ago. I think it was my worst week ever. Sincerely, users and customers doesn’t care about featured author/items. They look for what they want/need, and just buy it. The only ones that seems to care about featuring are the own authors.

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digitalscience says

If your sales decrease during a feature, then its coincidence.. there is no reason why you should get less sales if you’re featured, because that is massive exposure… its probably because you had something selling really well just before and it slipped off or down the popular files page, or its lower down or off the home page… maybe paypal was down for that day, or some other hot file was selling… could be many many reasons.. its all speculation!

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guitarjock says

As a noob, my sales seem to go up when I’m on the front page.