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Apple101 says

Hey There!

WARNING – This is for fun and creative people only!

I am looking for an awesome mobile games designer who TRULY enjoys designing UI’s for them. This is NOT the type of job where I dictate what I want and you then complete a bunch of tasks. Instead this is how it’ll work:

I provide a list of themes and concepts for you to choose from. You make characters, enemies, background layers, and other game elements for the theme which YOU prefer and have the most fun working on. The only constraints will be size of the graphical elements (so they fit the mobile device screens), and no distasteful or offensive images will be allowed. Truly creative folks can even bring their own theme idea to the table, which we might consider.

Sounds something you’d like to get involved in? Then let me know!

p.s. If you’ve done mobile games design before, that’s a plus.

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snkart says

Email me at manu_snk@yahoo.com . I want to discuss some details. Thank you!