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bsinternet says


We’re working on a SaaS project. But we want to change our backend theme, and I found a few bootstrap based backend theme at themeforest..

I want to ask, which licence right for me?

All members will work on the same design. Therefore, I could not decide which license is correct.


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sligooy says

If you’re not planning on selling the theme as a part of your software, the regular license should be just fine.

Even with SaaS project, when you’re offering a service to customers and even if the site uses a theme from TF I understand that the standard license is enough. You’re not selling the site as a software package, but the theme is used to offer your service as such.

This would bring me to a conclusion that regular license is enough. :)

If someone disagrees, please provide more info. =))

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icypixels says

The rule is pretty simple.

If your SaaS is a paid/subscription type, you’ll need the Extended License. If it’s free, then the regular license will do.