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When VH born from a section of FD, the decision to accept files 1/2 version back only from the new one was made, and it was the right decision.The site just started, management didn’t know how users wil react to the brand new section AE template.
Today VH have almost 4 years and I guess is the site NÂș 1 in AE template sales .
At this point IMHO ,it s a shame to see the new features of AE cs6 (I m not speaking about Ray Traced) and C4d R13 /R14, and thinking that users/we will have to wait almost late 2013/starting 2014 before enjoying the new stuff.
Sorry for that but :
I m tired to use the old, slow, crappy Lens Blur :x
Your thoughts ?

If Ken is around, I know at leasr 10/20 authors ready to buy a copy cs6 for you :D

forgive my english :)

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Software (particularly Adobe) has moved towards a licencing system that is encouraging more and frequent upgrades. I think Videohive could be accepting files for the latest version a bit sooner. Perhaps 6 months after release. At the end of the day, the market will decide when users go over to it.

Although, now you can produce in CS6 and back-save to CS5 . As long as you don’t use any CS6 only features.

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actually this is great short tut… for issue CS6 to CS5

thanks felt_tips