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ezyb123 says

Often my clients ask me for a “basic theme”. I come to ThemeForest for great-looking and full-featured themes, but I find it very difficult to search for a “basic theme”. I know this is a very broad request, but essentially I’m looking for the equivalent of the free Wordpress.org themes, very clean and simple, while having a quality designer’s touch applied to it so that it doesn’t look “free”.

Surely many people must get this same request, and then trawl through endless awesome-looking themes on Themeforest to find that occasional very simple theme. Is it possible to create a category for this – it will surely become well viewed.

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dnp_theme says

twenty twelve with custom options.

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GentleThemes says

As perfectly described at wphub.com, themeforest by its nature is forcing authors to make even simple themes as feature-rich as possible. But I still hope to release at least a couple of “light” themes here, so if you have any specific requirements, please let me know, it’d be nice to get some “insight” while my themes are in development.