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quickandeasy Volunteer moderator says

Just a quick question to anyone…

Is there an additional battery pack I can buy for my Retina MacBook Pro to give me any extra juice?

Don’t get me wrong… out of the MBP ’s I’ve had, the battery life on this is astonishing. I get about 4.5 hours out of it using Mail / Safari / Skpye / Spotify / and heavy Photoshop – it amazes me in comparison to my previous one…

but it has a different power socket…

I have an upcoming 9 hour flight and countless overnight 12+ hour train journeys approaching.. having a battery that lasts less than 7 or 8 hours for basic use… well, screw that.

I Googled for battery packs but it returned fruitless. Can anyone recommend anything?

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revaxarts says

There is a MagSafe 1 to MagSafe 2 adapter available for about $ 10,-

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lifwanian says

Depending who you’re flying with, there may be an outlet on the flight, and there should definitely be an outlet on the train…