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ThomGeskin says

Hi guys, I invite all of you to do just that, become reviewer for a day! Now, I know many of you are busy as most of us are, but if you can, just head on over to Item Discussion and give 3 minutes of your professional opinion. Why not, right?

We have a great number of new young authors who can immensely learn something from all of you experienced professionals out there. Who knows, maybe you can really make a difference in someone’s career, by simply giving them some quick tips/feedback.

If you are not interested, please be so kind to refrain from posting anything negative here.

Of course, I like to thank all the authors who already do this on a constant basis, you really are making a difference and setting an admirable example. The community is lucky and proud to have you.

Last but not least, let’s not forget the real Reviewers, who day after day, not only press that approved/rejected button, like many believe, but do contribute so much to the community. You guys rock!

If you have a success story of how you’ve helped a fellow author get his item approved, or how someone has helped you, do tell us! This is a great opportunity to give that huge and deserved thanks!


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Aticca says

Great initiative!

Sometimes I get so involved in my own stuff that forget to give some feedback at the forums.

Let’s do this!

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IncredibleWand says

You got my thumbs up. Always willing to help a fellow author :).

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DarkstarDesigns says

I always pop in and leave comments where I can! i will make sure I give it a look today!